Nike says the air unit is twice as big as previous Pegasus forefoot air units (the previous shoe had a full-length air pocket), and the entire shoe has 2mm more foam than the Pegasus 36. Somehow i felt the build of Pegasus 37 is slightly longer, and the toe box/forefoot room is bigger. At the rear, you get an upturned collar with extra padding behind the Achilles, helping keep your heel stuck to the footbed. Also had / have the blister issue but mine are on the inside between arch and big toe. If you are a diehard Pegasus runner you will love these even more, and if you’re a runner on the fence about giving the Pegasus a shot these are the ones. That consistency remains the same even today with the Pegasus, and is a shoe I will turn to when I’m questioning others because I know exactly what to expect. The Pegasus 37 is a reliable daily trainer that can do it all. Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 Review. The pegasus 36 was much better… all they had to do was improve the heel lock-down and bring the weight down to 9oz. Still give rating of 4 stars because for me so much better than peg 35 and 36 as both of them killed my feet and ankles in less than 70 miles to the point I couldn’t use them for running. Cushioning provide by the react foam & the improvised PSI at the forefoot is fantastic. If yes, what were your remedies? was $120.00. The resulting shoe hits a sweet spot that so many trainers strive for. Our review is impartial and written after running more than 50 miles in the shoes. I give the woman’s version 5 stars. While React foam has been been around for several years it is new to the Pegasus. To build personal profiles of you so that we can show you targeted content and advertisements that match your interests. Too long and narrow in general. Hi, The Pegasus 37 has it. This cannot be coincidence We may earn commission if you buy from a link. The air bag is also very firm. Any thoughts, recommendations, or ideas as to why I am having this problem? Also have blisters, on my left foot inner arch. On these and other websites owned by RSG Media BV we use cookies and other similar techniques. They are not bad, but they feel clunky. I think this is a good long run shoe. 8/10. A former Division 1 runner, Dan grew up riding fixies and mountain bikes and now reviews everything from performance running shoes to road and cross bikes, to the latest tech for runners and cyclists at Bicycling and Runner’s World. The upper is a textile mesh that’s a bit thinner than the previous perforated mesh; one tester noted that it felt reminiscent of the form-fitting upper on the Vaporfly. Zoom Pegasus 36 review. Conclusion The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is every bit the classic everyday trainer you’ve come to know and love but with a few major updates. No doubt about it the shining star of the Peg 37 is Midsole. Yes, the forefoot unit has a similar thickness as the older Zoom, perhaps even thicker. Feels very heavy and stiff. Grip was excellent, giving us no problems on wet and dry pavement and gravel. The most significant change is in the midsole with a shift to React Foam. Upper: Nike Pegasus 36. Too soft at the rear of the midsole and rolls all over the place. Lower: Nike Pegasus 37. This is an area of contention for me and often times can be a real deal breaker with a shoe, but with the 37 the more miles I put on the more this improved. Ive, never experienced something similar using the turbo 2 or the zoom fly 3. I used the Pegasus many years as a high school cross country runner because I knew what I … The air unit is now just in the forefoot, but it’s twice as big as previous iterations for extra snap. The bag is now 10mm thick, up from 4mm in the 36, and tuned with 15psi of air for the women and 20 psi for the men providing the women with the softer ride they prefer. Let me know via email when a comment is added to the conversation.