Since the conjugate acid is supposed to be just the addition of an H+, then it should be either HPH3+ or PH4+, phosphonium cations, resulting from protonation of phosphine. 1 answer. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. A. H3S+ B. H2SO4 C. S-2 D HS- What Is Neutral PH For Water At 40oC If The Kw = 2.9 X 10-14? What is the conjugate base of HS? HS- + H2O <=> S2- + H3O+ HS- = acid. The H2S has lost a proton Now work backwards: HS- + H+ → H2S ( The HS- has gained a proton to become the conjugate acid of HS- Can I also advise you to pay attention to the correct use of capital letters in your equations. We’re being asked to determine the conjugate base of HS –.. Recall that the conjugate base of an acid is simply the compound formed when an acid loses a hydronium ion (H +).It's considered as a base because it can gain H + to reform the acid. Ramon. 7.4 6.8 7.0 8.0 In The Following Reaction, What Role Is NO2- … Answer to: What are the conjugate acid and conjugate base of H2S? To find the conjugate base of each substance remove one proton (H+) from the formula of the substance.Thus, the conjugate of the H 2 S is HS - Answer. Question: What Is The Conjugate Acid Of H2S? What is the conjugate base of acid H2S ? H2S + H2O <=> HS- + H3O+ H2S = acid. S 2 H2S HS 2 H2S42 13 What is the conjugate acid of HSO3 H2SO3 H3SO3 SO3 2 from CHEMISTRY 101 at Independence University You must be able to work these out : Take H2S This dissociates: H2S ↔ H+ + HS- The HS- is the conjugate base of H2S. 1 answer. H2O = Base. 4 years ago. Trending Questions. H3O+ = conjugate acid. Trending Questions. HS-Topic. Join. conjugate base; Similar Questions. HS- = conjugate base. Related questions 0 votes. Still have questions? H2O = base. Get your answers by asking now. H2S is the conjugate acid of HS-4 1. HS- is the conjugate base of the acid H2S. NH3 and NH4+ are a conjugate acid-base pair. S2- = conjugate base The conjugate acid for S2- is HS-HS- is H2S NH3 is NH4+ 3 0. Explanation. asked Dec 18, 2019 in Important Questions by megha00 (-8,635 points) 0 votes. Ask Question + 100.