One of the things we can do with thyme essential oil is to fight acne. However, in case of food poisoning, you should consult your doctor before using thyme. Thanks to this feature, thyme oil, which contributes to the destruction of toxins and harmful substances in our body, also positively affects the digestive system. Finally, you can consume the thyme water which you produce by filtering the water from the brewed the plant. Add 1 tablespoon organic honey and 2 tablespoon lemon juice. What does it do? Thyme tea relieving sore throat is recommended by physicians because it relieves the symptoms of acute bronchitis. For centuries, thyme has been used across nations and cultures for incense in holy temples, ancient embalming practices, and warding off nightmares. We are going to see what its properties are and also how we can use it to our advantage. He is a content writer and social marketing manager who shares the Top and Trending News from all over the world. Coconut oil: Health benefits, nutritional values, uses and side effects. The thyme oil that even destroy the antibiotic resistant bacteria and microbes, protects oral health. It also takes care of cardiovascular health. Thyme, which belongs to labiatae family, has many benefits to health, such as cancer prevention, blood sugar reduction and urination. This oil, which is effective in the treatment of eczema characterized with skin cracks and swellings, slows down the effects of aging as a magnificent antioxidant. Then add a few drops of thyme oil to a piece of cotton. The copyrights of all news, pictures and contents on this website belong to Medikal Akademi Publishing Company. It can be used together with other oils or products that have antibacterial power such as honey and tea tree oil, both perfect for skin with infections. You may even feel better when you breathe in the essential thyme oil. This plant, which loves the sun and heat, grow in rocky areas and mountains where the soil temperature is high. It also relieves intestinal cramps by exhibiting anti-spasmodic properties. Regularly consumed thyme tea mediates the removal of gastrointestinal complaints such as indigestion, gas, bloating. Just as its history is rich with a variety of uses, thyme’s diverse benefits and uses continue today. This aspect can also be consumed by smokers. Watch Indoo Ki Jawani 2020 Movie Online and... 4 Best Thyme Oil Health Benefits and Uses, Indoo Ki Jawani (2020) Watch Online: Download Indoo Ki Jawani Movie, Netflix unveils the first trailer of Alien World a docu-fiction series, 7 Best Psychological Thriller Movies to Watch, 5 players who are likely to take the most wickets in IPL 2020, Fortnite players on iOS and macOS will not be able to get the update, 10 Best Hair Straighteners and Flat Irons in 2021, Benefits and Advantages of Using Honey in Cosmetics, 7 Best Minimalist Tattoos Trends to Follow in 2021, What is a Solid Shampoo, its Advantages and Benefits, Types and Installation of Hair Extensions. Thyme Essential Oil health benefits includes boosting immune system, easing joint pain, normalizing blood pressure, boosting energy level, detoxification of toxins and treating bloating. It contributes to the prevention of many eye disorders, especially macular degeneration. As mentioned above, thyme essential oil can have multiple applications and uses, which makes it indispensable for our natural medicine kit, both in terms of cosmetics and general health. As a vitamin A-rich nutrient, it protects the person against night blindness, one of the serious consequences of vitamin A deficiency. Thyme essential oil is often used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes because of its active substance carvacrol. The leafy parts of thyme and its oil … These types of oils are often used in various ways. Add 1 teaspoon of thyme to the boiled water. As a result, there are many health benefits of thyme essential oil, including improving vision, reducing cellulite, preventing hair loss, boosting concentration and memory, preventing gas formation in the intestines and stomach, treating fibroids, and protecting the teeth from decay. You can add a little amount of it and lavender oil to your shampoo in order to have stronger, more vivid and shiny hair. Thyme oil has been wont to successfully relieve symptoms related to atopic eczema. Thyme, which used as spice in variety of dishes, has a distinctive smell. The main constituent of thyme oil, thymol, lends most of its benefits to the plant. It significantly reduces the risk of most people suffering from cardiovascular disorders, including heart attacks. It also a great source of beta-carotene, folic acid and B-complex vitamins which contains a large amount of vitamins C, A, K, E. Reduces and balances cholesterol levels. Thyme oil which is effective in the treatment of scurf also stops the hair loss. It can be used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases as rheumatoid arthritis and gout. The benefits of thyme oil have long been recognized for thousands of years. In this way, these products that we use daily can acquire their properties. The above side effects are more common in people who are allergic to thyme and are overdosed. All content on our site is prepared to inform health readers, but it is not equivalent to medical examination and consultation of a doctor. Health and Medicine is an international multilingual health information platform. The articles on our site can only be used by giving an active link and showing the source. Treats Respiratory Conditions. Thyme essential oil is perfect for improving circulation, so it is also used in case of swollen and tired legs, something that happens a lot in summer due to heat. 9 Thyme Oil Benefits 1. Relieves muscular, joint, rheumatic pain when applied topically with the throat oil. Thyme Essential Oil. It helps treat conditions of the respiratory tract, kills bacteria and infections, clears skin conditions and more. The common cold is caused by over 200 different viruses that can attack the upper respiratory tract, and they’re spread in the air from person to person. Other benefits includes improving digestion, supporting weight … Boil a glass of water in a teapot. Thyme oil is good for skin health The thyme oil, which is also effective in the treatment of acne, wound, cuts, heals wounds directly when applied to the skin. You can buy this oil from herbal shops as you can prepare yourself from the plant. As a strong antiseptic, it cleanses our mouth from bacteria and germs. Cleans the lungs. You may feel a general improvement in your mood even when you breathe this oil that is good for stress and tension. This plant, which can also be used as a menstrual flow stimulator, regulates the menstrual cycle in a healthy way in women. This product is also perfect for fighting any infection we have on the skin, such as herpes or an infected pimple. This oil is suitable for cleaning impure skin, as it fights those problems that cause acne such as pore infections. Thyme is a common herb and is generally used as a condiment or spice. On the other hand, it can be administered on the skin. What is antiseptic? The oil obtained by the steam distillation method from the flowers of thyme is known for its hair and skin health benefits. It stimulates the menstrual flow and relieves menstrual pain. If you use a regular prescription or non-prescription medicine, if you have a sensitive metabolism, consult a doctor before consuming it. The thyme essential oil is used for centuries and can be used in various ways for skincare. Especially pregnant women, nursing mothers, those suffering from blood pressure problems and those below the age of 18 should avoid thyme consumption.