Open Mic aptly describes a type of live show where audience members can perform. Code Warriors 12. The right events names can project ‘must-attend’ audience engagement. Look for something appropriate, but unusual. DECODERS (or DEC0DERS) 14. If you have any questions about buying a domain from Novanym, feel free to get in touch: THANK YOUThanks for bringing this to our attention. Here are some highly effective ways to do so, along with some real world examples and ideas. Under his leadership, the SpinGo marketing team works to ensure that all event marketing campaigns are optimized for success. Get people interested. Jonquille is focused on using best practices to drive results. What are they expecting? Chad has been making our customers and partners happy since 2012 and has years of customer service experience under his belt. Country Explosion is the name of a country music festival in Utah. Solve your event business naming problem today. It costs a lot of money to teach them to your audience. However, you can identify the right name by avoiding some of the common pitfalls. When naming a new business, it can be all-too tempting to be descriptive. Co-founder of Omniture and founder of Domo, and highly involved in Utah’s economic and entrepreneurial community. Company names: what separates the best from the rest? It’s that simple. How should those attendees be addressed? If it’s too logical, it might not be exciting enough. Blood Vessel, a mobile blood drive. Chalk the Block is the name of a street painting event. Hexspeak 19. There are only so many words in the dictionary, and a great deal of them are already taken. Use our event name generator, or choose from over 100 professional, original event company names. Our creative event names are invented, not common dictionary words. She uses that training to find out from our customers just what exactly they are needing, and works on creating a path and building the product. Worked on brands like American Express, Mercedes Benz, and Nationwide Insurance with advertising group Ogilvy and Mather. People hate nametags. He was an original partner of Bain & Company. Finding and Managing Solid Event Volunteers, Event Safety: How to Ensure Your Attendees Feel Safe At Your Event, 5 Ways to Market Your Event Without Breaking The Bank, Expos: 9 Practical Ways to Turn Leads Into Sales, 20 Powerful Stats on the Value of Trade Shows and Expos, Facebook Ads: Pro Tips to Navigate the New Algorithm Changes. Event Names. Jonquille and her team are invested in the success you achieve with your event. Do you have any constraints? Once you have some viable options to go with, whether they’re made-up words, portmanteaus, or straight from the dictionary, the decision is really up to you and your team. Doesn’t it? NPR’s Fresh Air uses a metaphor and a pun. What are you trying to accomplish? She has been educating her team and SpinGo clients on the do’s and don’ts of event marketing since 2013. Is the name in use already? How aboutNoggin? Maybe the founder’s pet has a quirky name. Who are you aiming the name at? Do you know how to choose an event name? Code Fellas 11. What’s your event about? Novanym is the smart way to name your business, A selection of premium business names developed by branding experts, Over 100 high quality names designed with the events sector in mind, All names come with the credibility of an exact-match .com domain, Every name comes with a choice of original logo designs, It’s a professional branding solution, without an agency. Advised the most recent governors, and serves on the boards of Demand Media, Rakuten, and Save the Children. How does your name stack up. There are several objectives you might consider when choosing a name for your event business: Our event name ideas avoid the obvious - so you won’t find generic, keyword-derived names at Novanym. Attendees may already know what these words mean, and you can apply them to your event. What’s a good name for an educational event for kids? At some point, depending how large your event is, your lawyer will have to get involved. Vice President of E-commerce at Deseret Digital Media. Co-founder and emeritus chair of advertising firm Merkley and Partners. Here are six straightforward questions you should ask yourself. It isn’t a completely made-up word, but the name Bonnarro, when it was originally conceived for the music festival, simply “looked cool” to the founders. Byte (Byte Me) 10. Name is an identity, a reflection of thoughts and deeds. What do competing events in your category claim? Feel free to use and let me know how it works for you. Has held numerous positions at Wasatch Venture Fund, including Associate, Partner and Managing Director, as well as Officer of MACC Private Equities, a publicly traded investment management company. Bring in language from elsewhere: from pop culture, street signs, literature, poetry, TV, music. Browser Arousers 8. Served in various Creative Director roles at Macy’s, Estee Lauder Companies, and Doremus and Company, where he also served as President. Co-founder of Mercato Partners and vSpring Capital, founder of Junto Opportunity Institute, and chair of The Community Foundation of Utah. Turns out that it’s Creole slang for “good stuff.”. Felton explains that “two words, or parts of them, fused to create a new word, are easier to grasp since they contain identifiable parts. There are only so many words in the dictionary, and a great deal of them are already taken. What’s the key idea? Easy ticketing, seamless event management, and powerful marketing. They can also convey authority and professionalism; and the dynamism and enthusiasm associated with this inherently positive sector. From the meaningless to the invented, form the emotional to the indefinable - in this helpful and informative post, we explore the range of qualities and characteristics that make for the best business names. Historic city days have a knack for this type of naming. Invented names like this have their own distinct personality, and avoid following the herd. And crucially, they come with a no-compromise .com domain name which makes them powerful as brand names. Orchestrated over 20 M&A transactions across technology, biotech, marketing, and consumer fields. Hackerjacks 18. Our event company name ideas reflects the wide diversity of businesses across the sector: Browse our selection of names. Worked in the digital marketplace for nearly 10 years, with various directive roles at Franklin Covey, eBags, and DDM. He also chairs numerous organizations, including Prosperity 2020 for Utah educational enhancement, Weber State University board of trustees, and the Intermountain Healthcare Foundation.