POSITION SUMMARY: The Sr Software Architect is primarily responsible for supporting, updating, and modifying existing software applications…This role is also responsible for developing technical handbooks and supporting documentation for developed code and underlying architecture… Candidates for this job are great communicators who can clearly translate complex information and have hands-on experience developing software and programs. Technical Architect Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. Knowledge of computer hardware and networking systems. In-depth knowledge of enterprise systems, networking modules, and software integration. Solutions Architect Role. A technical architect chiefly oversees the software architecture, technical engineering, and implementation technology. Technical architects usually work regular business hours, although high-priority deadlines may require overtime. While the stresses are high, so are the rewards. There are three roles related to architecture: Enterprise architect—monitors how the solution is built in the enterprise's architecture and connected with its other components; Solution architect—bridges the gap between business problems and technology solutions; Software architect—mainly in charge of engineering problems and software architecture Technical Architect Vs. Software architects, also called software developers, play a pivotal role in any company, but especially in software development firms. The software architect must have technical skills, organization skills and people skills to perform his duties. Technical Architect Duties and Responsibilities Previous work experience as a Technical Architect. Their main task is to provide technical leadership and make decisions regarding the most vital parts of the system that is being developed. Managerial experience.