At this point, the leaves are bitter tasting. Thus, I'll give you my three ideas and let you decide which best meets your problem. In my opinion, far easier than spinach. Harvest To Table However, if you see squiggly little lines going through your leaves, it is probably leaf miners and those leaves should be thrown away because both their waste and the leaf miner will be still on/in the leaves. Answer: Make sure your plants are not crowding one another. In other words, it is Swiss chard, but the store or farmers market prefers to give it a more attractive name to catch the buyer's eye. Helps to bring out the flavor. Question: What causes my chard to have long healthy stems with only a small leaf on top? Thus, I'll give you my three ideas and let you decide which best meets your problem. They continuously put much of the chard for about two weeks, and then they fall off the chart onto the soil. Swiss chard is chock full of vitamins, ranking second only to spinach. The strong taste of Swiss chard can be tamed down with olive oil and spices when cooked. You may need more light. Can we eat those leaves? Answer: If the leaves are yellowing or curling that a sign of aphids. They can endure light frost in spring and moderate frost in the fall. Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris subsp. You may need to either water your seedling more. Do your plants get the hottest sun of the day? Swiss chard is a colorful vegetable that belongs to the Chenopod family, which includes spinach, beets, and quinoa. I am an avid self-taught gardener (I learn as problems arise), bird watcher, and nature lover. Level with a rake to remove any clumps of grass or debris. Your email address will not be published. If you have eaten spinach and like it, you will probably like Swiss chard as well. You don't want to eat the worms. You will learn how to plant, maintain, harvest, and troubleshoot problems you may have with Swiss chard. Rainbow Swiss Chard Spacing keeps down fungus potential. To discourage weeds, mulch with compost or grass clippings. 2. Answer: If the plants are subjected to fluctuations in water, the leaves of the chard can become tough. The stems of the vegetable contain betalain pigments, which provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support for the body. Soak Swiss chard seeds in a glass of warm water for up to 24 hours; this helps boost the germination process. This leafy vegetable had its early beginnings in the Mediterranean, getting its name from a Mediterranean vegetable called cardoon. I've sauteed it with some onion and garlic. Question: What would be eating holes in the leaves of all my chars? Answer: This question is not a one answer fits all solution. Question: Is it safe to cook swiss chard with leaf spots? Answer: I would say Swiss chard is tougher than spinach. Cercospora is a fungus that leaves spots on the leaves of the plant. Vulgaris) is a biennial plant that is grown as an annual.It is related to beets but does not develop the tuberous root. Here are some solutions for of the problems that may arise. Prepare your planting area by turning over soil under to a depth of 8 inches. Sow beets and chard for fall harvest about 8 weeks before the average first frost date in fall. Answer: It may be downy mildew. 3. You will need to remove the debris from the plants and discard the debris by burning or putting it in a container. Question: Some of my green Swiss Chard has a thin, light greyish even coating on the bottom of its leaves, especially the younger, developing leaves. Compress seeds lightly into the soil and keep area evenly moist. Answer: The damage is caused by the larvae of the Swede midge. If the plant is not growing at all, then it could be flea beetles. The leafy portion of Swiss chard is a nice dark green, while the stalk can be white, yellow, or red. The leaves also provide polyphenol antioxidants. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. What can I do about it? The purpose is to eliminate the extra moisture so downy mildew cannot survive.