My first choices are tomato paste or crushed tomatoes, like everyone else. What is your advice as to a substitute: paste, puree, sauce, juice, or a combination? I would have to thicken the chili later. Indiscriminately substituting diced tomatoes for stewed tomatoes may alter the flavor of your recipe. Rotel diced tomatoes are also canned and this chili kind of making it has more pepper than the stewed tomatoes. I love tomatoes but I don't like chunks of them in chili. The second would be tomato juice/V8/clamato. Thanks for your help. If I'm using a chili recipe that calls for, say 1 can of stewed tomatoes, and 1 8oz can of tomato paste, can I just sub in an equally proportionate amount of tomato paste or maybe v-8 juice for the stewed tomatoes? However now must avoid the seeds that come in canned tomatoes. While diced tomatoes add firm, uniform-sized tomato chunks to your favorite dish, stewed tomatoes break down during long cooking leaving behind rich flavor. I am accustomed to making chili with canned tomatoes. Everyone has already given excellent, but I will add to it. Summary. In addition, diced tomatoes and stewed tomatoes differ in texture and presentation. It offers a good taste to your meat and any other food with the same essential ingredients that are with stewed tomatoes. BTW, I know I could sieve the canned tomatoes to remove the seeds , but that's too tedious and time consuming for me.