This may give him passion to reveal the revelation and the power in Jesus Christ and his deity who is the only saviour of the world. The significance of the miracle shows in the effect that it produced. I suggest that the period of his quietness before he wrote the book had given him enough ideas of what people think geographically, knowledge of the environment, history, and he was familiar with Jewish customs. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. For this man performs many signs (seven in particular highlighted in the Gospel of John – this statement of the Pharisees made immediately following the seventh sign).” (John 11:47) SEVEN SIGNS OF THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. John depict the primary evidence of selected miracles revealed who Jesus is and reason to believe in him. His personal contact with great numbers of people, including their names (John 1:14). Company Registration No: 4964706. The seven signs recorded in the Gospel of John reveal some very significant characterises of the power of Jesus, and they confirm His deity. The Raising of Lazarus (John 11:1-46). The walking on the water (John 6:16-21). These might give him passion to expound the reason why people need to believe in Christ as the Eternal purpose of God for their salvation as the Holy Spirit gave him grace to write the epistle. It also contains several unique literary and theological elements based on the Jewish perfect number seven—seven signs and seven “I AM” sayings. They also have very definite purpose to stir up a response of acceptance or rejection, belief or unbelief. which was also written by John. Looking for a flexible role? The superiority of Jesus overrules the kinds of educational knowledge which apply in the context of their calculation by Philip as statistical pessimist and Andrew who was ingenious optimist. This signs promoted there believe and it was advance step beyond the reason to believe. The individuals had seen the wonders with their physical eyes and they were able to portray the person of Jesus and draw a conclusion that a superior being was among them who has proof his claims by His deed of compassion and supremacy. Jesus anointing a blind man since his birth with clay and he received his sight by obedient. It is a wonderful privilege for us in the First Baptist Church in Dallas to welcome the uncounted thousands of you that are sharing this hour on radio and on television. This statement incorporates the application of the whole gospel. Surveying the twenty-one chapters of the Gospel of John, it is interesting to consider the groups of seven that occur in this Gospel. His testimony that people might believe his witness concerning Christ crucifixion (John 19:35). Physical relationship distinguishes appreciation. Jesus gave a new interpretation of the event that cause, if John the Baptist did prophesy what Jesus is going to do and people witness that: “but all things whatsoever John spoke of this man were true” (John 10:14). 10 It is our judgment, despite a popular view that the specific signs number seven, the author, in fact, did not intend a catalog comprised of any specific number. No plagiarism, guaranteed! His personality as one of the closest disciples of Jesus Christ is another factor to be able to evaluate what people feel about Jesus Christ and how are they reasoning with the good news, believing or unbelieving. Many other signs consequently did Jesus which is not written according to John gospel, but these are written that ye may believe that Jesus is Christ, the Son of God; and believe that ye may have life in his name. He further explained that each sign is communicating a specific significance to the eyewitnesses or the original hearers of the oral tradition which is the historical level, and the literary level, constructing a symbolic significance available only to readers of the Gospel.