But recently purchased this V7x and when used with a mic foam cover it sounds amazing As I mainly play in the open air in town centre's. Let’s get right to the raw samples! In this video I’m going to review sE Electronic’s V7 X super cardioid dynamic instrument microphone. I've being a sound engineer for 40 years and this is the first time I have had a "dead" mic new out of box. I tried different mic cables and even tried different mics during troubleshooting. I recently picked up the new SE V7x instrument mic. This mic has such a crisp warm sound that really cuts through. I thought it sounded pretty good although the highs would have to be tamed a little. For snare, there’s the V7X, a super-cardioid dynamic instrument type mic (it looks like a handheld vocal mic with a tapered handle) with the similar DMC 7X capsule, a no-roll windscreen (a hex-like shape stops the mic from rolling on a flat surface) and a standard mic clip. If its tight then the 906 is in there and it is a great microphone but the V7x is just warmer in my opinion. The sE V7x mic did not work. By request sE Electronics kindly sent me the V7 X to make this review possible. So I'm playing in all sorts of weather's and I use the wind shield foam For when it's windy. I noticed the mic box was not sealed. I liked the sound of it on snare. The SE V7 would work fine on drums and percussion, guitar cabinets and horns. First up, harmonica. My new go to snare mic if space permits and over the Sennheiser 906. I repackaged and sent it back to Amazon. I'm in the middle of wiring and treating my new room but I quickly recorded an SM57 and a … Real World Review: Vanguard Audio Labs V1S+LOLLI Mic System But a better choice for instruments is the SE V7x. I have the SE Electronics V7 which is wonderful.