The general political outlook in Italy was of the gloomiest, and the country was on the eve of the catastrophe of foreign invasion. Until he saw the trapped wagons and animals, he did not realize the full extent of the, 27. If the contract is cancelled[], it'll be a, 17. buildings destroyed by the Persians were built into it, possibly owing to haste, as in the case of the city walls, but more probably with the design of commemorating the great historic catastrophe, as the wall was visible from the Agora. Things may drag on perhaps till July, but then a catastrophe must come.". A Catastrophe - thoughts on what might happen if Kriss Kringle were to forget to travel on Christmas Eve. The catastrophe has been explained as a volcanic eruption, or an explosive outburst of gas and oil stored and accumulating at high pressure. But in November 1806, when Blucher, retiring from the catastrophe of Jena, had to capitulate in the vicinity of Lubeck, the town was sacked by the French. All Rights Reserved. An extremely fine passage then describes the patriarch's intercession for Sodom and Gomorrah, and the narrative passes on to the catastrophe which explains the Dead Sea and its desert region and has parallels elsewhere (e.g. Things may drag on perhaps till July, but then a catastrophe must come." The surface tramway system of London cannot be complete, as, within an area roughly represented by the boroughs of Chelsea, Kensington and Fulham, the city of Westminster and a considerable district north thereof, and the city of London, the ' Charing Cross station was the scene of a remarkable catastrophe on the 5th of December 1905, when a large part of the roof collapsed, and the falling debris did very serious damage to the Avenue theatre, which stands close to the station at a lower level. Meanwhile in Britain New Labor government spin doctor apologizes for cynical email advising colleagues to exploit the aftermath of the Twin Towers catastrophe. 1. The consequences of this catastrophe were felt far and wide, and in the spring of 1891 both the Banco Nacional and the Banco de la provincia de Buenos Aires were unable to meet their obligations. Use these words in a sentence •catastrophe •commemorate •detergent •kaleidoscope •mural Get the answers you need, now! Taking place at an undetermined amount of time after the Black Mesa catastrophe, a mysterious and chilling new foe called the Combine have taken control of the planet and altered it to their liking, creating the dystopia around you. The consequences of this catastrophe were felt far and wide, and in the spring of 1891 both the Banco Nacional and the Banco de la provincia de Buenos Aires were unable to meet their obligations. For those with limited or no insurance coverage, paying for "catastrophe" coverage from a major medical health insurance company is an important step toward peace of mind. xxviii.) Hardly had a catastrophe snatched her away in the zenith of her power when complete corruption and the flagrant triumph of egoism supervened with the accession to power of Madame de the marquise de Pompadour, and for nearly twenty dow~. - The Turkish sea-power, already decayed owing to a variety of causes (for the effect of the revolt of the Greek islanders see Greek Independence, War Of), was shattered by the catastrophe of Sinope (1853). Since that catastrophe it has been rebuilt, and has not further suffered from its proximity to Etna. We made a contribution to the famine relief fund. Join now. The catastrophe was at hand. The economy seems to be moving toward, 22. The fact is that the mistake, if made, only hastened the inevitable catastrophe. He stopped short of the catastrophe of the king's execution, and it seems likely that his subservience to Cromwell was not quite voluntary. Jerusalem had suffered some serious catastrophe before Nehemiah's return; a body of exiles returned, and in spite of interference the work of rebuilding was completed; through their influence the Judaean community underwent reorganization, and separated itself from its so-called heathen neighbours. And if at the very end of his stormy career he really found time and inclination to write anything of this nature, we may wonder why it was not included in the considerable and somewhat miscellaneous volume of his works, or at least mentioned in the chapters which relate to his public activity after the catastrophe. Amid such conditions the idea of railways would have been slow to germinate had not a catastrophe furnished some impetus. The question of survivorship, where two or more persons are shown to have perished by the same catastrophe, as in cases of shipwreck, has been much discussed. Catastrophe sentence examples. Thierry, Le Complot des Libelles, 1802 (Paris, 1903); Memoires historiques sur la catastrophe du duc d'Enghien (Paris, 1824); H. From this disgrace they were saved by a more imminent catastrophe - the Revolution. But this Mogul visitation was most calamitous; forty persons, indeed, are stated to have alone survived the general massacre of 1232, and as a similar catastrophe overtook the city at the hands of Timur in 1398, when the local dynasty of Kurt, which had succeeded the Ghorides in eastern Khorasan, was put an end to, it is astonishing to find that early in the 15th century Herat was again flourishing and populous, and the favoured seat of the art and literature of the East. In October 1867 he succeeded Rattazzi in the premiership, and was called upon to deal with the difficult situation created by Garibaldi's invasion of the Papal States and by the catastrophe of Mentana. sur la fatale catastrophe des infortunes Pilatre de Rozier et Romain, les aeronautes et l'aerostation (1785); Observations de M. Pope's army and such of the troops of the Army of the Potomac as had been involved in the catastrophe were driven, tired and disheartened, into the Washington lines. Examples of financial catastrophe in a sentence, how to use it. Progress has meant the looming specter of the complete dehumanization of the individual and the catastrophe of ecological collapse. A battle in orbit during the early time of the Clone Wars caused planetwide ecological catastrophe when a starship carrying a toxic gas crashed into the planet and exploded. 3. 132 more results not shown. 3. He knew he wasn't performing well in his new role, but to hear Fate tell him he was on a crash course with catastrophe made him sick to his stomach. When at last, after the catastrophe of Poltava (June 1709) and the flight into Turkey, he condescended to use diplomatic methods, it was solely to prolong, not to terminate, the war. Ask your question. his tribe of paltry, rapacious and embarrassing Corsicans; his admirably subservient generals; his selfish ministers, docile agents, apprehensive of the future, who for fourteen long years felt a prognostication of defeat and discounted the inevitable catastrophe. In the grasp of a more inexorable necessity, the champion of Greek freedom was borne onward to a more tremendous catastrophe than that which strewed the waters of Salamis with Persian wrecks and the field of Plataea with Persian dead; but to him, at least, it was given to proclaim aloud the clear and sure foreboding that filled his soul, to do all that true heart and free hand could do for his cause, and, though not to save, yet to encourage, to console and to ennoble. Sagasta's attempt to conciliate both the Cubans and the United States by a tardy offer of colonial home rule, the recall of General Weyler, and other concessions, did not avert the disastrous war with the United States and its catastrophe. Are such concessions not totally disproportionate to the extent of the impending catastrophe to which you have alluded? A short time after the occurrence of the catastrophe the dam was visited by Dr W. A violent earthquake preceded the catastrophe, by which nine villages were destroyed. ceasefire - cease - cave - cautious - cater - category Example sentences with the catastrophe, a sentence example for catastrophe, and how to make catastrophe in sample sentence, how do I use the word catastrophein a sentence? In 1849 he was in the civil service of the revolutionary government, and after the final catastrophe returned to his native place, living as best he could on his small savings till 1850, when Lajos Tisza, the father of Kalman Tisza, the future prime minister, invited him to his castle at Geszt to teach his son Domokos the art of poetry. Eventually, in the great world catastrophe, he will be defeated by Ormazd and disappear. 284. 2. These policies could lead the country to environmental catastrophe. They do not represent the opinions of At his death in 338, imfnediately before the final catastrophe, the empire to all appearances was more powerful and more firmly established than it had been since the days of Xerxes. Log in. Now, business ethics are not just words collecting dust in a binder, they are tools to prevent catastrophe and promote success. iii., written apparently after 146, he explains that he thought it desirable to add some account of the manner in which the Romans exercised the power they had won, of their temperament and policy and of the final catastrophe which destroyed Carthage and for ever broke np the Achaean League (iii.