C 2 . ELITMUS Numerical Ability - Log and Antilog Sample Question with Solutions . JavaScript is turned off in your web browser.  log_4[(xyz-3+log_5 z)] = 4 , Google's PageRank was a major evolution in search which boosted search relevancy and helped Google search marketshare. 2) View Solution. Solution (2) Compute log 9 27 − log 27 9 Solution (3) Solve log 8 x + log 4 x + log 2 x = 11 Solution (4) Solve log 4 2 8x = 2 log 2 8 Solution (5) If a 2 + b 2 = 7ab, show that . When you find the logarithm of a number, you follow a process, the inverse process is used to find the antilog of a number. Download Logarithm MCQ Question Answer PDF. Please log in again! Please solve this and explain all the steps. Question No : 1 Simplify :(log 75/16-2 log 5/9+log 32/243) A 1 . Large values that depend on the accuracy of measurement benefit from using logarithmic calculations. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. (q-r) log a + (r-p) log b + (p-q) log c=0, Solve for x: 3^logx-2^logx=2^logx+1-3^logx-1, how to check square root 135 using log book, 1. 10x = y All rights reserved. Working with log functions : C2 OCR January 2013 Q8 : ExamSolutions Maths Revision - youtube Video. Antilog shares the same physical key as "ln". Napier coined the term logarithm from the Greek word logos which means ‘ratio or proportion,' and arithmos which means ‘number.' This can be done using antilogarithm (antilog). (Withoit using log tables), If log√2 log2 log√2X= 2 then X is equal to. Exponential and log equations; Log Equation : C2 Edexcel January 2013 Q6 : ExamSolutions Maths Revision - youtube Video. What about other practical applications? If a logarithm does not specify a base, like this example: log(1000), it's known as a common logarithm that uses the base 10. log(1000), it's known as a common logarithm that uses the base 10. For example, let’s solve logarithm log 5 25 = a. / Exam Questions - Logarithms. Recent antilog Questions and Answers on Easycalculation Discussion . In simpler terms, logarithm solves the problem: How many times do we multiply b to obtain another number y? Live Science states logarithms relate geometric progressions to arithmetic progressions. A Logarithm is a quantity representing the power to which a fixed number (the base) must be raised to produce a given number. She holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines, one of the top academic institutions in the world, and a Bachelor’s in Communication Arts from Miriam College. Calculators and Converters. Logarithms are also used to express the extent and intensity of certain scales. Please login back to continue to your studies. View Answer Discuss. Next Page . Apart from wide distances, and high speeds, it measures other things such as: Let's take decibels as an example. A log number can then be returned to its original number. To compute the antilog of a number y, you must raise the logarithm base b (usually 10, sometimes the constant e) to the power that will generate the number y. Logarithm / Inverse Logarithm Computation, The number multiplied to itself (b) is the, The number of times it is multiplied (y) is the. - Guide Authored by Corin B. Arenas, published on October 1, 2019. A logarithm is the power to which a number (referred to as the base) must be multiplied to itself to obtain a given number. log(150,000,000,000) = 11.1760912590557. For any content/service related issues please contact on this number, Please login to see your posted questions. Her other feature articles can be read on Inquirer.net and Manileno.com. logb(x) = y, To understand how the concept works, here's an example with a smaller number: Your session has expired for security reasons or. Navigators back then relied on the position of stars and a sextant mechanism to pinpoint their exact location. How to solve this problem. 1.Using calculator-press the 'shift' button and then the log number to be converted. Logarithm counts the number of times the same factor must be multiplied to arrive at a given number. It can simplify large sums that involve long and confusing equations, making them easier to grasp. According to Azad, in a scale of 1 to 10, a landing page with a PageRank of 2 is 10 times more popular than a page with a PageRank of 1. Copyright Notice © 2020 Greycells18 Media Limited and its licensors. Solve for x :11^4x-5 * 3^2x=5^3-x * 7^-x According to Kalid Azad, the math educator behind BetterExplained.com, logarithms are how we figure out how fast something is growing. Here is the standard equation for log: If log 10 to base y + 2 log 10 to base x=2; express y in terms of x. If you've ever wondered how experts determine great distances, earthquake intensity, and global economic growth rates, then you've come to the right place. Here is the equation for antilog using base 10: (log_n k means logarithm of k to the base n), Sir i have attached a question below please have a look on it and guide me, Please answer the questions of example 11, Log x =p;log y=q  MathJax reference. Moreover, log is the inverse function of exponentiation, where the mathematical operation is written as bn. It also changes proportionally with the logarithm of a sound wave which progresses geometrically. Let’s say a is the log of number b with base x. They take the GDP of the previous year, and the GDP the following year, then compute the logarithm to find the estimated growth rate. 2) View Solution. ACIO 119; AIEEE 333; AMCAT 2635; Assessment 108; Bank 22; CAT 986; CMAT 82; Cocubes 39; Elitmus 2949; Exam 39; Gate 845; GMAT 107; Gmate 29; GRE 469; IIT-JEE 471; ITC 28; Maths Olympiad 205; MBA 3480; MCA 32; Other 158; Others 25; R-SAT … Provide details and share your research! Imagine sailing in the middle of nowhere in the 16th century. Also state the domain and range of the logarithmic function. As you increase it to +20 dB, it will need 100 times the power, and by +30 dB it will need 1,000 the power. Read on to learn more about log and antilog, how they work, and why these are relevant mathematical concepts. 3+1/2 log10  9-2 log10  5, show that log162/343 +2log7/9 -log1/7=log 2. For instance, if we take this equation, log(5) = x, its antilog will be 10x = 5. But with the help of logarithms (log) and antilogarithms (antilog), calculations can be made simpler. In determining the GDP growth rate of a country, analysts review GDP in subsequent years. Fewer equations mean less room for error.