It's no wonder it's won so many awards - a Great Taste Awards Gold Star, several All Ireland White Pudding awards from the Association of Craft Butchers and a Gold Medal at the International Fresh Food/Slavakto, Utrecht Holland. Pour it into a large mixing bowl and add all the other ingredients. Generally a white pudding is sausage shaped though the larger haggis shaped white puddings are also common in Scotland though generally called mealie pudding. Kelly’s Vegetarian High Protein Pudding is available in 280g pack (known as chubbs in the trade) which is exactly the same size as Kelly’s traditional Black and White Puddings. A 280g chubb (cylinder shape) of delicious Kelly's White Pudding made to our own traditional family recipe from guaranteed Irish pork. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, ... For a traditional Scottish white pudding recipe we recommend Maw Broon's Cookbook which has a list of white pudding ingredients and step by step instructions to make and how to cook a white pudding. Traditional white pudding is made into tripe skins and ingredients for white pudding usually contain toasted oatmeal, onions, beef suet, spices and seasoning. Kelly’s Hazlett It’s been quite a while since I tasted " Hazlett ", an old-fashioned traditional pork meatloaf. Place in a white cloth and tie tightly and securely. Kelly's Butcher's vegetarian white pudding will be dropping into Aldi stores across the country from January 10 - and what's even better is that it'll only set you back €2.29 for a 280g chubb. Let the pudding cool, take from the cloth and slice it, then fry in olive oil and serve. Some time back I posted about my trials of an Irish White Pudding recipe that I developed in collaboration with my forum mate John. Some butchers also add finely minced pork meat. Vegetarian white pudding is also available from some butchers and shops in Scotland. Bring a pan of water to the boil and place the pudding in it. His blog is mainly about curry but … While it too contains oatmeal to bulk up the pudding, it contains no blood and is … Simmer for 1½ hours. In contrast to black pudding as we explained in a previous blog, white pudding varies in its ingredients.