Looking forward to their reply. I think you said you found them heavy, right. ~Irina. not exposing the metal), there is no reason to replace the cookware. So few tips on buying and carrin for one of these if you’re deciding/decided for one. We follow best practice, which is for testing to confirm compliance with food contact regulations be done annually by an independent lab such as, for example, SGS. It simply comes down to personal preferences and cooking habits. Thanks for your reply but I am still confused, Nobody told us this until we complained in John Lewis store about the state of the coating . I like the fact that they performed tests to detect extractable amounts of heavy metals versus total amounts. Still looking for the best non sticky pan… We don’t recommend using oil sprays, including aerosols, mist, and pump sprays. You should be able to place a pan at the center of a burner and cook on low-med-or high without the handle breaking down and filling the air with noxious fumes. Both test reports reflect that a wide range of chemicals have been tested. For example, in the first report, they tested for PFOA. Also I’m curious what do you use at home? And be careful not to scratch during washing up, drying, and storyin so basically just ensure nothing hits or lays on the coating surface. Ugh. It cleans and wipes right out! It is my understanding there is a new concern that companies are using the compound GenX which is basically has the same genetic make-up as the PFOA/ PFOS compound, but they removed the tail end of the PFOA/PFOS compound and renamed it GenX as a NEW compound. Yes, Teflon and PTFE are basically the same thing. Ceramic Non-Stick Sauté Pan & Lid along with Valencia Pro 8″ & 10″ Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan Set from Macy’s 8 months back. They have never replied. ~Irina. Heating properties of these pand for certain types of food that contain sugars will create an even more difficult cleanup. And mine are going in the trash today. This layer comprises mainly Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), which is the same composition as glass (or sand from which glass is made). https://ireadlabelsforyou.com/right-use-cast-iron-pots-and-pans/ ~Irina. In conclusion, it seems to me that the ceramic non-stick coating is much safer than Teflon. As early as 1986, a Chicago veterinarian called “Teflon toxicosis” a “leading cause of death among birds.” Hundreds of pet birds were, and still are, killed by the fumes from non-stick Teflon cookware. Has GreenPan performed any tests to make sure titanium dioxide, and other sol-gel coating nano particles do not leach into food when heated above 500C? Let me know if you want me to publish the test reports on the website. However I did use Caphlon non-stick in my 20s. I was thinking to buy stainless steel, but these are the most expensive. when they actually are made with chemicals that are toxins. For your reference, California Proposition 65 (which is stricter than the FDA requirements) requires lead and cadmium to be under 0.1 ppm and 0.049 ppm respectively, which, as you can see, is not as strict as the limits described in the GreenPan ceramic non-stick cookware report. If it is aluminum, it is better not to use it. That kind of forced me to look out for alternatives. So making pancakes is difficult now because you have slippery edges and a middle that is sticking and cooking faster. Even as we cook outside of owen, usually skillet is exposed to temperatures much higher then 500, when we place stove top burner on high. Please ask. I encourage you to contact them and ask them for their test reports. However, you would need to contact them and ask for more information. I believe that I used steel wool on it once or twice, but this was after food got so stuck to it that it was the most effective way to remove the food, which means that the nonstick coating was gone well before that. I’ve been using a greenpan from costco for a couple years and it’s my favorite pan. Hi Alice, Are all greenpans safe as they have quite a few varieties. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on the affiliate link and buy an item, I’ll receive commissions. I was looking at a 12 and an 8inch pan from them. This is a very informative, well researched piece. Recently bought all cast iron and FarberWare stainless to replace this set because of the material erosion. I’ve been using it daily, it’s like brand new. Thank you. It’s nice to have one less thing to worry about ^_^. I have had a Greenpan set for about 2 years now and while I don’t use it exclusively (I use my stainless set a lot more) I do use it enough to know that nothing will ever be as good as Teflon eggs! To begin, the case is entitled Anna Saldivar v. The Cookware Company LLC, Case No. I believe that some of this is due to food sticking, because the coating does become less nonstick after a few months, to the point that right now it’s not better than an aluminum pan we have. I bought a light-colored GreenPan about 5 years ago, and I’m very happy with its performance. (To read more about PFOA, visit here.). All the materials in Thermolon are 100% safe for use in food contact coatings. Basically they are amazing for about 10 uses of making 4 pancakes each. Irina, what is your recommended preferred teapot.. is it still the staub? My pan didn’t last three months. Thank you for what you have done. Hello Irina, It worked well in the beginning but after a few months it became a nightmare specially for scrambled eggs. While aluminum is toxic, larger amounts must accumulate in your body to make you sick (unlike lead or cadmium). Read to the end to discover a new development regarding GreenPan that involves a lawsuit. Thank you for all the research you are doing. Hi, Vita: No I am not saying it is safe. For example, the test does not detect lead and cadmium. I have had my GreenPans that I bought from West Elm for years. And who said it´s not recommended? I love my Green Pans and do not want to discard them – they work great with no complaints. GreenPan uses a different technology under the brand name of Thermolon. Have you clicked on the links in the post? Please share what you find out. Your email address will not be published. PFOA is also a major environmental pollutant. Thank you for clarifying. My le creuset teapot only lasted 1 year. appears the case is in its opening stages. This concern is probably more applicable to Scanpan, a maker of cookware with a ceramic titanium surface. Ironically, what brought me here today was that someone in our family has recently managed to leave a nasty scratch on the pan’s coating (we all blamed one another so not sure how it happened, my theory is someone hit it against the faucet tap during washin up) and I wanted to research whether it was 1. still safe to use and 2. whether more articles have been written on the safety of Thermolon since 2017 when I last researched it for health safety. However, we need more information and tests to be sure if it is truly non-toxic non-stick cookware. Thanks for doing this website, it was super helpful! level 2 Thank you, Irina, for all of this info! Now I am thinking about the fumes that are emitted beneath while cooking, therefore I thought Stainless Steel would be the most safe or would, in your opinion, the coating beneath not matter at all? After the last disaster trying to make breakfast I threw it out. However, we still don’t know the full composition of Thermolon, and this is where we turn to test reports for help. GreenPan seems safe in reports but I really don’t like the smell when the coating is heated (not on high temperature or burning). I’m throwing it out. Please see their comments below. Do you have any feedback on Meyer Anzel ceramic pans. Source: https://patents.google.com/patent/EP1835002A2/en. I have had a set of GreenPans for over a year and they are still in pristine shape with no scratches or food stains. We should try to do our best without stress, enjoy life every single day… But sadly these haven’t worked out for me in the long term (~ 1-2 years).