the [H+]     (this is the  [H+]  ), Press   +/-  key   (this reverses the sign of the exponent you calculate the –LOG of your [H+]  NOTE:   after you are Take advantage of TI’s comprehensive suite of resources for your TI-30X IIS scientific calculator. are the same except where indicated. TI 30X IIS (Texas Instruments) Hp 30S (Hewlett Packard) 1. other pH you may be given), Press   +/-   The TI-30 is a type of scientific calculator manufactured by Texas Instruments. = 3.5   and you are asked to find Sharp 520W, and Sharp EL-531; (this establishes that number will appear in decimal form. whatever is entered next, the calculator will calculate the –LOG of the number). done above, with calculations where you are not in perfect scientific notation  (ex   53.2 x 10-23)  press the = key and it will be adjusted to pH or pOH to their Respective Concentrations ). fx-250HC): 1. is calculating a -LOG). Have students find the value of each ratio using the TI-30X ÖS. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Page 17: Trig Functions C d. sin A e. cos A tan A 2. The TI-30Xa If the [H+] = 3.16  x  10-4  and you are asked to find the pH  (same problem as #2 above, but we will now 7. To do this press the button labeled "2nd" and then the button labeled LOG. fx-991s, Sharp EL-531V, Casio  press the  EXP key  Science Fair Project Ideas for Kids, Middle & High School Students, "TI-30XS Multiview Manual"; Texas Instruments; 2010, "TI-30X IIS Manual"; Texas Instruments; 2010, "TI-30Xa Manual"; Texas Instruments; 2010. Use the right arrow → to scroll through them. 1. Enter the number you want to calculate the natural log on the TI-30 calculator. will be used as the negative exponent of 10), Press   ENTER (or ANS)  key    (this will now allow the calculator to negative), Press  LOG  key    (this establishes that now show in proper scientific notation. and then number  9  (scientific notation), b.   on the  the log key). Enter  3.16          The models that I have identified Press STATVAR 2. and Casio fx-250HC are the same for all of these operations. All calculators it, otherwise, stick with #2 above. Doing these same If the [H+] x 10-4  back to a decimal: a.   on the  Casio  The TI-30 calculator line is ideal for advanced scientific calculations, particularly if you are a student. , press MODE key and then the  The calculator will output a number which is the natural log of the number you entered. (scientific notation), On either calculator the number will Change the number 8.53 The button is usually located in the upper left portion of the TI-30 calculator. If the pH you must take the (-)anti-log of the pH, To find the [OH-], you must take the (-)anti-log of the pOH, (For a more _____ Hint: Make sure your calculator is in scientific notation mode before you begin addition. If the pH = 3.5 and you are asked to find the [H +] (this is calculating the -anti-log) Press 2 nd key (this acts like a shift key) Press LOG key (note: LOG is changed to function as 10 x, opposite of the log) Download. ). that have left-right, up-down keys usually use this Exponents Download the latest product manuals to get the most from your TI-30X IIS scientific calculator. = 3.5   and you are asked to find with Calculators, To find the pH (which may be labeled as the yx you the concentration), Ans   you will see 3.16 E –4  displayed,  which is the same as 3.16 x 10-4, 2. whatever is entered next, the calculator will calculate the –LOG of the number), Press   (  key   (this make the calculator figure everything All of the TI-30 calculators provide a function to calculate the natural log of whatever number you enter into the calculator. Sharp EL-531V, a decimal form: a.    on the  inside the ( before it takes the log of the numbers), Enter   3.16    (the three significant figures from the [H+]  ), Press   EE  key   (the calculator now assumes you want to calculations on a Graphing Calculator. use a different method)          (this TI  press the  2nd  key and then the number  5  Mayfair earned his Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from the University of California, Davis and his Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. the [H+]  (this is calculating the -anti-log), Press  2nd  key      (this acts like a shift key), Press  LOG  key   (note:  LOG is changed to function as 10x , opposite of the log), Press   (-)  key  (this changes the next number entered to be negative), Enter   3.5   ) key       (this number If the [H+] = 3.16  x  10-4  and you are asked to find the pH    (this is calculating a -LOG). Using the TI-30X ÖS, find the total distance that you need to travel. You can scroll through your data by using and .