If you notice that the skin gets dark after 1-2 minutes of grilling, it means that the temperature is too high. Have look at an advertisement by one of megastores. All of them look great and appetizing, but it's worth to know some basic differences between all of those kinds. I started this blog from the love of Polish food. The longer you grill, the better the taste you will get. This is our most famous and delicious luncheon meat recipe. This information is obligatory and always placed on the package. The most characteristic one is a so-called 'white sausage' (biala kielbasa). I am sharing with you the most authentic Polish recipes that I’ve taken from my grandmas, moms, and aunties. Then there’s the Krakowska, whose recipe comes from sixteenth-century Krakow. Hold it above the fire for about 15 minutes until it’s ready to eat! Polish sausage, better known as kielbasa (kiełbasa in original) is and has always been present on the table in Polish households. You can also heat it up and have it with mustard or ketchup. Fresh sausages. Method 1 of 4: Boiling Sausage on a Stove . Actually called kaszanka or kiszka in Polish, it is in fact a blood sausage - as we call it in English. Tired of your normal, regular sausage? You can do it anywhere, all you need is a distilled spirit (not vodka! Dark red chunks of beef and bright red pork pieces are visible in cross section. Hold it above the fire for about 15 minutes until it’s ready to eat. Beside the traditional ones, some pink-red color sausages are also very popular in Polish cuisine. However, it tastes way better warm. When using a glass heatproof dish, it's not necessary. Place kiełbasa in the pot. Place the sausage on the grill. ), a sausage, a plate, and matches. It is a permanent, roasted sausage, the recipe for which comes originally from the sixteenth century and… obviously from Krakow. The more meat was used – the better (kielbasa contains less fat and other kinds of additives). Here is how you can cook Polish sausage: It’s probably one of the most popular ways to cook Polish sausage. It’s very easy to cook, either on the electric or barbeque grills. Pour a bit (1 tablespoon for every 4 sausages) of oil on top of the food. Mysliwska, is a pork sausage also, similar to Wiejska, but it usually has a much better quality. There are many types of Polish sausage, the most popular includes: To start with, you need to know that all kielbasa except for the white, raw Polish kielbasa can be eaten cold, without cooking. Poles love their kielbasa grilled! Krakowska. Originally, a long time ago, kabanosy were being made from horsemeat, but (fortunately) today it's only a matter of history and kabanosy are pork sausages (sometimes turkey). Wiejska is a kielbasa in a 'U' shape. Kielbasa is one of the most famous and the best food from Poland. It looks like a curved sickle, and is mostly divided into 'pairs', bars with a length of about 6 in. Salt the water – otherwise the sausage will give away its flavour to the water. Depending on the temperature, Polish sausage should be grilled 5-15 minutes each side. People in Poland often eat it for breakfast, as it’s super fast to prepare. Its name means 'hunter sausage' in Polish. Find a long stick and put the sausage on it. At least in Poland the first thing you should check while buying Polish kielbasa is 'how much meat was used to make 100 g of a given Polish sausage'? I love well made kabanosy, it is one of my favorite types of kielbasa. Place the sausages and add ons in the dish. Every 100 g of sausage was made from 156 g of meat! This method is not advised for kids and teens. When we cut the sausage we can check its tenderness, see large pieces of pork meat stuffing, supplemented with natural spices – with all these you can expect a great flavor and will want to eat even more of it. And by extra long, I mean a sausage that is about 12-24 inches long. A krakowska may be seasoned with garlic. Its name means 'countryside-like' from Polish 'wies'. Fry about 5 minutes, each side on medium heat. Don't let the sausage's skin burn down. I’ve been traveling the world for the past couple of years. From kielbasa to Italian-style to bacon and cheddar and spicy chipotle, here are 25 ways to eat smoked sausage for dinner (and other times too): Upgrade a hot-dog dinner with a juicy Polish sausage. Kielbasa. Here is how to boil Polish sausage: Boiled Polish sausage tastes best with ketchup, mustard, and bread. Here’s a video of how I cooked kielbasa on distilled spirit: Please stay cautious while using this method! The best way is to put it in the pot with cold water and let it slowly cook. Cooking it over a fire is possible when it’s warm enough outside. Kabanos is most often eaten cold, as an appetizer. And this is because it's made of a mixture of pig's blood, pig offal (commonly liver, lungs, skin, and fat) and buckwheat (sometimes barley or rice). Just have a look: This is kielbasa Mysliwska, sucha (dried). Cut the surface of the sausages (about a 1/4'' across the surface). It is regularly served in Polish restaurants. Depending on the subsequent steps, we’re distinguishing the following t… It takes about 30- 45 minutes to bake kiełbasa in a stove. And by the way biala sausage – at its own – tastes excellent with horseradish sauce (a very typical Polish combination!). You can put it between the two slices of bread, add some sauces such as mayo, mustard, or ketchup and eat it like a hot dog. Seasoned with garlic and white pepper then smoked in a real hickory wood smoker, it is unlike anything available in your local supermarket. Please note that this means high quality. You can put it between the two slices of bread, add some sauces such as mayo, mustard, or ketchup and eat it like a hot dog. The recipes for biala kielbasa use some natural spices such as garlic, marjoram, black and white pepper and salt. Don’t touch the plate when the fire goes out, as it will be very hot. ;) In Poland good quality kielbasa costs about 4-7 $ per pound. The water with kielbasa should be heated up slowly. It’s less popular but still not that difficult to find. Polish kielbasa is ready to eat. The sausage arrives to consumers fully cooked, though like all meats, it still must be refrigerated. And this is how most countries describe their sausages. To produce kiełbasa– regardless of its type – the meat gets cured first. Not ready to eat (Uncooked) Fresh Sausage Recipes. This type of sausage is much wider, with about a 2-inch diameter. You need to control the fire, don’t put any easy-to-burn materials close to the plate. This popular sausage is made in different forms: dry sausage, semi-dry sausage or a regular hot smoked type. Very poor kielbasas with low prizes contain less than 100 g of meat per 100 g of the final product. This kielbasa is quite long - usually 12-24 in, and very fine - with a diameter of about 1 cm (0.39 in). People all over the world love it. Polish sausage, better known as kielbasa (kiełbasa in original) is and has always been present on the table in Polish households. It's also the perfect dinner meat, you can serve it with mashed potatoes, bread, and any salad. Stuff it into the buns you have on hand and decorate with some spicy brown mustard. Next, the meat gets enriched with spices, herbs and other flavouring ingredients. After about 10 minutes kielbasa is ready to eat. Every time I am abroad, I miss Polish food. Wiejska is made of pork and veal meat, contains marjoram and garlic. If you are not a vegetarian and you live in Poland, you will eat grilled Polish sausage at least once during the warm months (May-October). Put it on fire and wait until the fire goes out. Traditional bread, pierogi, pickled veggies are food I love most about my homeland’s cuisine. This Polish sausage is made according to a traditional Polish recipe. 5-15 minutes each side (depending on the temperature). It will make the skin more crispy and you will be sure kielbasa won't rupture during the grilling process. Every microwave is different, so it’s kind of hard to answer this question. For making bloody kielbasa buckwheat or barley should be used. Heat it up (medium heat). It is usually eaten cold, sliced on sandwiches, on salads, or on a cold-cut plate with other sausages and cheeses. Pour the cold water until the sausages are covered. Most of Polish sausage types are based on pork meat, although in some areas we have got beef kielbasa available, and sometimes even turkey or lamb.