What is Solubility Product, K sp? Calculate the concentration of ions in the following saturated solutions: (a) [I-] in AgI with [Ag+] = 9.1x10-9. Get more help from Chegg. Fourth, substitute the equilibrium concentrations into the equilibrium expression and solve for K sp. (s)? Study. A solubility equilibrium exists when a chemical compound in the solid state is in chemical equilibrium with a solution containing the compound. It is denoted by the symbol K sp. It turns out that the K sp value can be either directly measured or calculated from other experimental data. The solubility product constant is the equilibrium constant for the dissolution of a solid substance into an aqueous solution. using an applet. Top. Write the solubility product expression (Ksp) for the ionic compound AxBy. Answer to Which of the following represents the solubility product expression for the ionic compound Ax By. Note that in the calculation of solubility products the concentrations are expressed in moledm-3 or moll-1. 2. What is the solubility product (Ag =108, Cl = 35.5) Solution. The solubility product of a salt, having general formula M X 2 , in water is 4 × 1 0 − 1 2. 3. ; K sp = [0.0159][0.0318] 2 = 1.61 x 10-5. by changing parameters a, b and c. The properties of the line such as slope and x and y intercepts are also explored. Chegg home. The calculation of solubility from Ksp values, and its converse have long been a part of general college chemistry textbooks. What is meant by term molar solubility (s)? However, like I said, activity is for the future. The solubility product constant (K sp) is the equilibrium constant for a solid that dissolves in an aqueous solution.All of the rules for determining equilibrium constants continue to apply. Since the activity of AgCl(s) = 1, it just drops out of the above expression. General Equation of a Line: ax + by = c. Explore the graph of the general linear equation in two variables that has the form a x + b y = c . Calculating the Solubility of an Ionic Compound in Pure Water from its K sp. Substitute the appropriate values into the expression for the solubility product and calculate the solubility of Ca 3 (PO 4) 2. 4. Which of the following represents the solubility product expression for the ionic compound Ax By. The concentration of M 2 + ions in the aqueous solution of the salt (in terms of solubility) is: MEDIUM An equilibrium constant is the ratio of the concentration of the products of a reaction divided by the concentration of the reactants once the reaction has reached equilibrium. The solubility of silver chloride at 18 0 C is 1.46 x 10-3 gdm-3. Definitions. Example: Estimate the solubility of Ag 2 CrO 4 in pure water if the solubility product constant for silver chromate is 1.1 x 10-12. ([I-] … Not right now.) The K sp of AgI is 8.3x10-17. This type of equilibrium is an example of dynamic equilibrium in that some individual molecules migrate between the solid and solution phases such that the rates of dissolution and precipitation are equal to one another. Solution. A The balanced equilibrium equation is given in the following table. The solubility product is a kind of equilibrium constant and its value depends on temperature. The agreement between actual solubility and simple calculations of solubility from Ksp values has been questioned many times. Mass of 1mole of AgCl = 108 + 35.5 = 143.5g Skip Navigation. Books.