The reed switches included adhesive and stuck well enough to the door frame once I had cleaned the metal with some acetone. Magnetic Door Sensor (Reed Switch): Since the switch is … A friend of mine helped me route the LED cable through my roof cavity and the LED box was stuck to one of the beams of the verandah outside our kitchen window. If you have a arduino pro mini 3.3 - Some ttl adapters have a jumper switch to select voltage, but always test with multimeter, even the logic voltage on Tx Pin. Does your family ever leave the garage door open? I used pin 2 which is interrupt 0. I developed this code on my Arduino UNO with the circuit mocked up on a spring breadboard that came with my starters kit. The trouble was that several nights I left the garage door open overnight :-( So I thought, I could use an Arduino with a real-time clock (RTC) to automatically close the garage door at 9 pm. A magnet would be fixed to the door to trigger the switches as the door moved up and down. Open the file in Arduino Ide, Choose your board and Port and upload. You cannot see if the front roller door is open from anywhere within our house so the only way to check if it is open is to walk outside and look. Each switch goes to a separate door to be monitored wether it is open or closed. The light bar will only be on from time door opens until the door light times out. But this was complete overkil so in the end I settled on 2 colour high intensity 3 watt LED that could be mounted outside our kitchen window and be driven by a cable. The cable ended up being some 8 core alarm cable that cost about a dollar a meter and I used some 6 pin audio plugs for each end. Sensor – I started with the inexpensive SR-501 ultrasonic sensor I bought from China for $5. Connect the positive pin (The Longer Lead) of the LED to pin 13 of the Arduino. When the roller door was lowered the Arduino would enter the “door in transition” state again and stay that way until the door closed and the bottom sensor was triggered. It is stronly recommended that you unplug the jumper from VCC/JD relay board and connect a separate power supply +5 to JD and GND. These PSU’s could be driven by a 0-5V PWM (pulse width modulated) signal to adjust the intensity of the driven LED. The Arduino would now enter a “door closed indicator” state and leave the LED on for 10 seconds before entering the “door closed sleep” state. The door magnet was put in place with some cyano acrylate glue. I wanted to detect if the door was up or down so this would require two sensors. MY_NODE_ID: This identifies your node in the network of sensors. Flashing the code to the Nano was troublesome because it turns out that the Nano I bought had a problem with the serial chip (UART) and just wouldn’t talk to my computer. A second problem was that the roller door frame was significantly out of square and the magnets supplied with the reed switches were not strong enough to trigger the switches. It is better to upload the sketch before connecting the bluetooth module. A bluetooth hc-05 module receives commands from an android phone to open doors and transmits back the door states to the phone, wether the door is open or closed. Here’s one of the reed switches mounted to the top of the door frame. I used two sensors, one for "door is closed" and the other for "door is fully open" and a relay. so how the entire project works. They can be substituted by microswitches. Solder 2,2k to GND and 1.5k to Rx. Garage door controllers use motor current to detect a problem. Magnetic Door Sensor and Arduino: Hello, So I wanted to connect a magnetic door sensor to my door, to log basically if anyone came into my room while I was away at school, or if I entered the room after my school time, it'd play some cool welcoming sound. While this pins are connected you cannot upload any sketch to arduino, just disconnect them to do so. A door that is not completely opened or stays open for to long triggers an alarm. Capturing… If you want to leave 115200 you have to change the ardudroid sketch in next step to 9600), AT+PSWD:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Change Pairing Password (16 char upper and lower,numbers but not all signs ). If you followed the diagram it will be 3. This project monitors two garage doors. If you remember that is. He's also a mechanical engineer, father of four, and a lifelong lover of gadgets. :-) Although there are many garage door projects on Instructables using Arduinos, I needed/wanted something different. First Use the attached sketch to program your Arduino UNO or Pro Mini. I remembered to add in the fingerprint sensor this time!! Notice that now the bluetooth module is connected to pins 0 RX nd 1 TX of arduino. If you have an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v, you don´t have anything to do, but most arduinos are 5v and you have to adjust the logic level of the module, because 5v would damage it. You can see the rare earth magnet (the silver disk) on the door itself. Arduino Garage Controller: This is my first Instructable, so be easy on me! The two door sensors with paired magnets were $5. Weedpharma I have an Arduino UNO, however, WiFi shields are expensive and I'd rather keep it available for tinkering. It should be unique for every node (sensor) that you have. DOOR_SENSOR_PIN tells Arduino where you have connected the door sensor. I could not set the encryption configuration command, If someone does please leave comment: AT+SENM -Query/Set Security & Encryption Modes. On garage door opener, install a lamp socket adapter with outlet built in. After uploading the sketch of the previous step: Wire the HC-05 TX to the Arduino UNO RX on pin 10. A bluetooth hc-05 module receives commands from an android phone to open doors and transmits back the door states to the phone, wether the door is open or closed.