Our European White Oak is av It's beautiful, durable, and very low maintenance with the ability to suit any decor. French Oak Hardwood Flooring: French Oak is considered one of the most exquisite wood species and it plays a significant role in French wine making. It is the structural timbers and arches of Notre Dame (which will be replaced just as the original). Calling Connerie on French Oak Flooring One of the biggest, if not biggest flooring trends right now is wide plank white oak flooring. Here at Carlisle, we love our White Oak hardwood flooring as much as anyone. However, there is quite a difference between the two, more than having to … European Oak is naturally more white with grey tones. Let’s discuss the difference between them… It’s easy to assume the red oak flooring is red and white oak flooring is white, (and for good reason). For purchasing French oak flooring, the French Collection from Garrison is available through Hurst Hardwoods. The unique French cut of the wood highlights the dramatic grain structure. Campbell Wood Flooring’s European White Oak floors come from an FSC-certified mill in Europe that supplies our old-world style plank flooring. French white oak was made for the flooring of the Palace of Versailles. Red oak is also typically exported from the United States. Our French Oak hardwood flooring uses only Oak from France because it has higher tannin content than any other Oak around the world. Live Sawn White Oak, also referred to as French Cut White Oak flooring is the result of straight cutting the log all the way through from the outside bark to the heartwood center and back to the bark on the other side. If you do a quick google search of Natural White Oak floors are a staple of the flooring market and known for their durability, resilience, and versatility. French White oak gives the flavor to French wine, think of wine chateaus of Bordeaux, Haut-Brion, Lafite, Latour, and Margaux. All European French white oak comes unfinished or prefinished, with a choice of several light and dark stains. Most of the boards for French and European white oak are live sawn, which utilizes almost all of the entire tree in creating this flooring material. Explore the design options in this popular hardwood floor and pick up some design tips for your next project.. Retreat Collection l Treehouse Durability, Stability & More The two most popular hardwood flooring used is White Oak and Red Oak. In fact, most of your Pinterest or Houzz projects probably have french oak flooring in them! The selection of seven-inch wide plank engineered flooring features random lengths and a lifetime-maintainable oil finish. Quercus alba is the white oak which is commonly found in North America. This process allows for so little waste, it is becoming increasingly popular with those who choose green building, and it also makes this product more affordable than many other hardwood options. A tree that typically doesn’t grow as tall as the European oaks, it is a broad tree, which means it can be used to produce nice wide plank wood flooring.