Find fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash: Especially if you have youngsters in the home who may be apt to swallow toothpaste, you can protect them from fluoride exposure by using unfluoridated dental products instead of the now-popular fluoride options. … However, there are many different types of mouthwash available. In the case of mouthwash, the active ingredients help to tackle gingivitis (gum disease), plaque, bad breath and tooth decay. Generic Name: fluoride topical (FLOR ide TOP i kal) Brand Name: ACT Fluoride Rinse, Biotene, Clinpro 5000, Denta 5000 Plus, Dentagel, Fluoridex, Fluorigard, Gel-Kam, Neutracare Gel, Neutragard, Neutral Sodium Fluoride … Although there may be some dental benefits to the topical use of fluoride … "Mouthwashes, when added to a good home care regimen of brushing and flossing, can target a condition that you are facing," Wolff says. The tooth-friendly benefits of fluoride are well documented. From fluoride to antiseptic mouthwash, each type can treat a different problem – from bad breath to gum disease, and even Periodontitis. Sodium fluoride. Learn which mouthwash … Fluoride rinses help prevent tooth decay. ACT Fluoride Rinse. Therapeutic Mouthwashes contain active ingredients that eliminate bacteria which helps reduce gingivitis, cavities, plaque, and bad-breath. Therapeutic mouthwashes may contain fluoride, which is … Mouthwash should be a part of everyone's daily oral health routine.