Start by playing the fifth fret of the sixth string (the note "A"). For example, to play the A minor pentatonic scale with the Santana note, you’ll play A, C, D, E, and then F♯, and G. The D Pentatonic Minor is a five-note scale. In the two-octave pattern, the first root note is on the 6th string, 10th fret. The open strings themselves even make up the notes of the E minor pentatonic scale. It is composed of all the same notes of the minor scale above, except without the 2nd and 6th notes. View this scale in: G-Tuning (DGBE) D-Tuning (ADF#B) Slack-key Tuning (gCEG) The pentatonic minor is a scale of only five notes that is often used in Blues, Pop, and Rock. D F G A C D. Neck Diagram with Pitches Neck Diagram with Scale … There are both Pentatonic Major and Minor – the Minor is slightly more often used. Dm 2 octaves Notes: D - F - G - A - C Intervals: 3 - 2 - 2 - 3 - 2 Type: Pentatonic. The Pentatonic Scale is frequently used in lots of popular music styles. Darker color marks the root notes. Note: The major pentatonic scale uses the exact same pattern as the minor pentatonic scale, it simply starts on the second note of the pattern. Learn how to play the D Minor Pentatonic scale on bass guitar with our free tab, sheet music, neck diagrams, and more. Name - Double Drop D. Also known simply as double drop D is an alternative guitar tuning: E strings are tuned down (dropped) one whole step (2 frets) to D rather than E as in standard tuning (EADGBE). D Minor Pentatonic Spelling. A minor pentatonic scale: A - C - D - E - G E minor pentatonic scale: E - G - A - B - D. While the pentatonic scale notes can be played in order, try leaping between notes, repeating the same note more than once, and adding non-scale notes to write memorable melodies, riffs, and solos. This is the second pattern of the minor pentatonic scale. The minor pentatonic scale is quite possibly the most used and, suffice it to say, over-used scale on the guitar. A minor pentatonic scale, root note fret position [ A minor pentatonic root note 5th ] [Am pentatonic C note ] [ Am at D ] [ Am at E ] [ Am at G ] [ Am root 17 ] [ Am open ] [ Am at the G ] Don't let the word pentatonic scare you off, it just means a five note scale. Bass Guitar Scales. We are going to learn the scale in the key of A, so, the A minor pentatonic scale. After the major scale the pentatonic minor is THE scale to know. D Minor Pentatonic Scale. Learning the major pentatonic scale is easy once you've learned the minor pentatonic scale - the two scales share all the same notes! The shape is based on a D minor chord shape. This note is borrowed from the Dorian mode. The diagram shows a fingerboard with the notes in the scale. This is used to solo over a Blues or a song in the key of A minor, and we will be learning a 12-Bar Blues in the key of A very soon, so practise this scale now so you are ready to jam when we get to that. A minor pentatonic. To find this scale, we’re going to start with a minor pentatonic scale and add in another note: a ♯6.