Season 7, named Radioactive Agent brings a new map, aesthetic changes, expansion of the Battle Royale mode, and of course new guns. You can shoot through walls and woods to deal damage to your enemies and even kill them with ease. And, with a mag containing 100 bullets, you can keep spamming the gun without any fear of reloading. It is the only viable Light Machine Gun in the game. This gun is called Chainsaw in Call of Duty: Ghosts and is said to be a crazy unique gun. View all info of Chopper LMG in COD Mobile here! It can even beat Assault Rifles and Sub Machine Guns at short/medium range, and is a laser beam at long range. Find Echo best attachments, perks, and skins here. Chopper Gunner - Tips & Tricks Chopper Gunner - Killstreak Traits The COD Mobile best guns tier list in Season 10: The Hunt is out now. As we said earlier, the Chopper LMG can destroy any one at any range. The fast-firing weapon is available for … Unfortunately, ADS is not available with this attachment. This particular loadout has been used by many professional players in North America, and, is way better than you expect. Find the Chopper best attachment class setup, stats, and all the skin advantage. Find the best attachment for Fennec smg , perks, and skins here. The Korean version of CODM released the S7 update yesterday, and many of the players checked it out. Let’s look at some features of the weapon that might make it worth the hype. It is the only viable Light Machine Gun in the game. AGR 556 is a really good gun to use in close to medium range with the damage attachments help make this gun even more powerful. It isn’t that great for aggressive gameplay. Find AGR 556 best attachments, perks, and skins here. Try to hold angles at mid/long range and you’d start loving the gun once you master it’s playstyle. The chopper is one of the best LMGs added to the game. It is viable at every situation and will win you most of your gunfights if you use it correctly. The OWC Light Compensator helps a lot in controlling recoil of the Chopper, since it has a lot of aim shake. This loadout increases the accuracy, range and controls of the gun, which will benefit you once you start using it with this gunsmith attachments. Although the mobility is on the lower side since it is a light machine gun, but, you have got a huge base mag of 100 bullets with which you can spray and pray. Fennec has good damage, and extremely fast fire rate with good recoil control. Find the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 here. Chopper is in LMG class of COD Mobile, Chopper has high damage, very fast fire rate, and good accuracy, the gun has low recoil, and can use in any range. It reduces both the vertical and lateral recoil but on the down side, it decreases your ADS speed and bullet spread accuracy. Name: FortressRarity: Blueprint (Epic)How to get Chopper Fortress: Unlock Chopper Fortress by reaching Tier 1 in Season 9 Premium Battle Pass. AGR 556 has high damage, fast fire rate, and good recoil control. Type above and press Enter to search. Name: ColleteralRarity: EpcUnlock: The Hunt Crate. COD Mobile Chopper Loadout COD Mobile Season 7 brings a lot of hype and excitement to Call of Duty: Mobile fans and for good reason. Here is the stats change after using the attachments above: Here is the recommendation for Chopper perk class setup: This perk class improve Chopper lmg sprinting speed, aim punch, and no footstep when move around. Weapon skins make your gun look nicer and provide extra perks when using the skin. The Chopper is a tailor-made gun for holding certain angles. It increases not only the ADS time but also the bullet spread accuracy as well. Chopper LMG – a brand new weapon, was what everyone was pumped about. It covers the ADS bullet spread accuracy loss due to the OWC Light Compensator, and also increases the damage range to help you win more gunfights at longer distances. Due to the large magazine size, players can gun down multiple enemies without reloading. Overall the Chopper LMG is a high versatility gun to use. NA-45 is a sniper rifle class in Call of Duty Mobile that has semi-automatic two round fire system, Primer (first round explodes when the Catalyst (Second round) hits nearby.