I’ve yet to get my actual doctor on the phone, so I called up Dr. Dara, my mom’s version of Gwyneth Paltrow, to get her perspective on blackstrap molasses’s ability to raise iron levels. If the syrup is boiled a second time, the result is molasses. “You can have too much iron,” she said, although the iron content in molasses is so low that it’s unlikely to cause issues. However, she said it’s on the the lower end of the iron-level spectrum. This makes it a much better alternative to refined sugar. folate) and other essential minerals. Menstruation: Molasses is a good source of iron and is very effective for menstruating women who are at major risk of iron deficiency due to blood loss. I know! *I am not a doctor. Healthy Bones: Black strap molasses is a good source of calcium, which plays an important role in maintaining bone health, the functioning of enzyme system, the removal of toxins from the colon and cell membrane function. Non-heme iron = the type that predominates in plants. I told him of my mom’s anemia and my previous diagnoses. So why might people such as my mom take this instead of a supplement? Also, to be careful. When I was a preteen horseback riding camp counselor, my fellow counselors and I used to encourage our campers to try horse cookies. We’re not sure why that’s true, but clinically, it’s something that we see.”. It softens and conditions the hair, adds a rich texture and prevents it from prematurely graying. Obesity: The polyphenols present in molasses have antioxidant effects which may prove effective in reducing obesity and manage weight gain. *, to 29. Have your doctor check your levels before supplementing, then check again every couple of months to ensure it’s in an appropriate range.” Never self-supplement just because you “feel like” your iron levels are low. Which I guess is why it worked with my mom, and why it could potentially explain the raise in my own levels after a short one-month test. Of note: my ferritin levels went up a tiny bit, from 50 to 53, but these were already in the “normal range,” normal meaning that I likely don’t have trouble storing iron, like my mom does. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin and aid in the formation of new cells in the body.It is a dense, viscous byproduct obtained from the processing of sugar cane and sugar beet into table sugar. Blackstrap molasses can be used to improve the health of the skin, the strength of the hair, digestive processes, blood sugar regulation, cholesterol, circulation issues, and even metabolic function! Red Blood Cells: Molasses is rich in copper, which aids in eradicating the free radicals from the body. It also promotes the healthy growth of tissues. Consumption during pregnancy also provides calcium, which is required for the growth and development of the baby. The recommended daily allowance is 18 milligrams per day. The minerals such as magnesium and calcium that are present in it help to prevent the clotting of blood, relieve menstrual cramps and help in maintaining the health of uterine muscles. Did this whole thing just make you want a cookie? Lactic acid is produced by lactic acid bacteria, and plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism. Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City. She told me it’s not the same person-to-person, not to depend on it and that people should continue to have their iron levels checked by their doctors. How to take blackstrap molasses?Some of the best ways to consume blackstrap molasses would be to blend it into coffee, use it in strongly flavored desserts, such as fruitcakes or gingerbread, add to milk, or just take it straight, 2 tablespoons a day. Save for eating red meat — not her thing — my mom has tried every solution. Please talk to your doctor about this. Antioxidant Capacity: Research studies have shown that blackstrap molasses contains the highest amount of antioxidants as compared to refined sugar, corn syrup, raw cane sugar and other readily available sweeteners. However, as a natural health remedy, they can be orally consumed (most common), diluted with water as a hair treatment, spread topically on the skin, mixed with tea or coffee, glazed on vegetables, or mixed in a protein-packed power ball! Adequate intake of potassium rich foods like molasses helps to prevent disorder like hypokalemia and reduces blood pressure.Acne: The health benefits of molasses also include relief from acne. It is actually the only thing that has ever worked for my mom’s iron levels. It’s said to combat stress, relieve PMS and promote skin health. Blackstrap Molasses: It is obtained from raw cane sugar production and canned sugar refining. Speak to your doctor about taking iron supplements for iron deficiency. Diabetes: Blackstrap molasses helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. “It’s important to first recognize that anemia can have multiple causes,” he wrote me. “It’s not all about taking buttloads of iron to solve the problem, when the cause could be related to malabsorption from the gut, heavy periods, certain medications or even thyroid issues. One of the best health benefits of drinking blackstrap molasses is to treat cancer. With no fat and very few calories, it is a better alternative for contributing iron content in the body as compared to other fatty sources like red meat. “You could be missing the real reason you’re tired, which could be harmful. It is also utilized in providing rich, dark texture and flavor to brown sugar. Given that blackstrap molasses was literally the only thing about my diet or lifestyle that changed in October, I’m going to go ahead and say it worked — inconclusively, unscientifically, purely from a point of reason. From SUGAR! Dr. Ed Friedlander answered. Is blackstrap molasses good for you?Yes, blackstrap molasses can be very good for you, since it delivers such a concentrated dose of minerals and nutrients, without driving your calorie or fat intake through the roof. It has a good amount of iron for a food source, but not a lot in comparison to doctor-prescribed iron supplements. Culinary Use: Molasses is quite popular for its use in baked goods like pies, gingerbread and baked beans. Hemoglobin plays a key role in supplying oxygen from lungs to other body parts. Blackstrap molasses is a simple solution to control palpitations, reduce high … In the investigation conducted to assess the impact of molasses on a high-fat diet, it was evident that its extract helps in lowering the body weight and fat content by reducing the absorption of calories in the body.Better Sexual Health: Blackstrap molasses is rich in the trace mineral manganese, which helps in the healthy production of sex hormones. It has a good amount of iron for a food source, but not a lot in comparison to doctor-prescribed iron supplements. Sometimes that shocks people. Its viscosity and thick texture gave rise to the famous designation of something or someone being “slow as molasses” for any slow-moving thing. Blackstrap molasses is a byproduct of refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. Or did it make you curious about sugar? Also, as Dr. Rupy Aujla told me, “Context is really important.” Your doctor looks at a lot other factors beyond just iron levels to determine whether or not you may be deficient. But given its iron content, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think blackstrap molasses could (and probably does) raise iron levels in cases of iron deficiency anemia.”. The vitamin c will help the body to absorb the needed iron. Supports a Healthy Blood Pressure