George has a degree from Yale but spent most of his time after school as a ski bum. They made a big deal about the time I could pick up my dinner so I arrived to pick it up exactly then and it must have been done and sitting there for 30 minutes. USD 21. As a way of giving back, we host weekly Benefit Bakes where we donate a portion of every flatbread sold to an organization working to improve our community. USD 18.5. Being a good neighbor is part of American Flatbread’s mission. Where to start? 116 reviews of American Flatbread "The pizza to end all pizzas. As you walk up please wear a mask and maintain 6-feet of physical distance. Eureka Springs. Miso marinated Lareau Farm pork belly, Lareau Farm herb oil, Green Mountain Harvest watercress, pickled daikon, toasted sesame seeds, Roasted Butternut Squash, Roasted Beets, Alpine Glow Kale, VT Creamery Chevre, Citrus Vinaigrette, Blackberry Spindrift Boylan Ginger Ale, Cane Cola, Vanilla Creme Soda, Orange Soda, VT Craft Brews in Cans The accommodating staff reflects the style and character of this place. American Flatbread is a return to bread’s roots, an endeavor to explore the possibilty of how good bread can be. Call ahead: (802) 244-3427 Thank you all for your understanding and loyalty to our business. Lareau Farm offers a historic bed and breakfast overlooking the Mad River on 25 acres. Prepárate a pagar $15-30 por una comida. Each flatbread is brushed with garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil and salt before being topped with our favorite seasonal and local ingredients, We can also assemble your pizza on a gluten free crust, Garlic infused olive oil, whole milk mozzarella, Italian Grana Padano and fresh herbs, Our take on classic cheese pizza, made with homemade organic tomato sauce, whole milk mozzarella, Italian Grana Padano and fresh herbs, Gaylord Farm’s naturally raised pork in a homemade maple-fennel sausage, caramelized onions, clay oven roasted mushrooms, cheeses and herbs, The Classic Version: With house-seasoned sundried tomatoes, The New Sausage: With our homemade organic tomato sauce and green onions, House seasoned sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions, clay oven-roasted mushrooms, green onions, cheeses and herbs, Kalamata olives, clay oven-roasted sweet red peppers, Vermont Creamery Chevre, mozzarella, red and green onions and fresh rosemary, All natural nitrate-free pepperoni, sweet green peppers, red onions, our homemade organic tomato sauce, cheeses and herbs, Our homemade organic tomato sauce, caramelized onions, clay oven-roasted mushrooms, green onions, cheeses and herbs. These evenings are dedicated not only to raising funds but to raising awareness around community issues and individuals. Current Location: Waitsfield. Established in 1985 as the original home of American Flatbread, Lareau Farm is a historic 25 acre farmstead located on the valley floor of the Mad River. Take care of one another, George and George. North Pole. Come and explore! Change Location. If you are ready to renew your spirit while helping us to do a little something to save the planet at the same time, then apply today! The cosy atmosphere of American Flatbread makes visitors feel relaxed and have a good time. It makes a difference and we are incredibly grateful to you all. We will be offering regular menu items only, salads, flatbreads and brownies. American Flatbread is not just a restaurant, it is a monument to its owner and founder, George Schenk. Google users like this pizzeria: it was rated 4.7 stars. Prices at this spot are worth attention because they're attractive. A seasonal mix of locally and/or organically grown sweet and bitter lettuces tossed in our homemade ginger-tamari vinaigrette and topped with carrot, celery, pickled cabbage and toasted sesame seeds, We make our dough with 100% organically grown wheat, good Vermont water, kosher salt and fresh yeast.