Feed Test Results String wrap. I sold all my horses. Grass mix no rain. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me. Roundbales are 5 x 5 and 4 x 5. *FINE STEM PLENTY... Mansfield Feed Mill is your source for Hay! 80 Tons of Large Square Alfalfa. 19.8 protein. Big bales, 3X4X8. Net wrapped round bales, I have 200 plus net wrapped 5x6 round bales of 2019 first cutting alfalfa. Rained on but very leafy with good protein. First cut has about 30% of grass in it. You won't find better feed for the price! 500 tons available. Stacked well to avoid decay. Fertilized. No rain, really nice quality hay. Second crop a straight alfalfa. In bundles of 21. We are located South of Town in the old Livestock Auction Bldg, near... GRASS ALFALFA MIX $150 a bale... Austin Texas Garden & House 150 $ Round Bales for Sale - $100 (Edinburg) Premium hay, no rain, horse quality, stored inside. *NO BUGS Wet Chem test available, 3x3x8 750lbs 1st and 2nd cutting 50/50 Orchard/Alfalfa mix, Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix bales weighing 52-56 lbs. Bale Baron accumulates bales into packs of 21. Quality alfalfa and alfalfa/grass mix. Beardless wheat sq bales Barn stored, supreme quality , extremely clean alfalfa! I have test from 135-234. Will deliver. If you are interested in buying any please... NOW AVAILABLE ALFALFA BALES 3 STRAND COME BY 1312 W. FLORIDA,MIDLAND STOCK UP TODAY. 50--55lbs each. Located near Firth NE. Fine stemmed, leafy. Good Quality. Net wrap We have premium quality round bales net wrapped alfalfa and some brome and plenty of native prairie. Average bale weight is 60-65 lbs. Grown in the Great Basin mountains at 4200 feet. Alfalfa Hay for Sale 3x3x8 third cutting arriving from Iowa this week tested at 19.7 percent protein. Professionally farmed, put up right, no rain, barn stored. Averaging 22 bales per ton, machine stacked only (not blocked stacked), delivery not available at this time, load out available via boom loader. High quality alfalfa, sprayed for weeds, fertilized great quality hay for your livestock needs. 5th cutting alfalfa never dewed or rained on bright green 200.7 rfv discounts for semi loads.. We carry Coastal Hay, both in round and square bales; Sudan Hay square... Russell Feed & Supply is pleased to offer quality shaving at a quality price. New spring alfalfa, so it's weedy. 3x4x8. High quality horse hay. Horse quality hay square bales (Coastal or... Quality horse hay for sale. Has some green color. Third cutting tested Protein 20.6 RFV 169 For any question call or text Brandon at (435) 749-1458. REALLY GOOD HAY. Browse for sale listings in We are able to load out customers. Always stored inside. Had fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide this spring. It is $5.00 per bale. We... 1. RFV tests average around 155 points for both cuttings. RFV of hay ranged from 130 to 175. Southern Colorado hay. 1st cutting 160 rff this year, Will have 60+ ton available August and will test it. THIS YEARS CUTTING AND IS VERY NICE... Good alfalfa horse hay 65lb. Good quality hay all very good horse hay. Premium alfalfa 32 inch bales made right never wet, High quality Alfalfa hay. 134 RFV. The solution to all your feed needs....WesTexas Hay Exchange is located a half mile West of the Interstate on Highway... Alfalfa Hay - Located on the Rankin Hwy - Look for Yellow 18 Wheeler - Will be there Friday thru Sunday or until all... LARGE BALES OF ALFALFA WITH A LIL WHEAT MIXED IN THEM, WEIGHING 1800-2000 LBS. Delivery available for a fee. Beautiful first cutting alfalfa hay. Hay is the most important part of your horses... New load of alfalfa mix large square bales of hay for sale. FINE STEM TONS OF LEAF 70 POUND SOLID BALES. First crop and second crop are available. Low moisture content. Location: SANTO, TX. 190.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Abilene,, Kansas 2nd cutting, put up dry. Cow hay quality. Irrigated, Horse quality 3x4x8 squares, blister beetle free, stored outside, very good color. No blister bugs. I have alfalfa orchard grass and kora fescue mix. All net wrap. Full analysis report available. They are extremely convenient for loading and fit perfectly into van trailers. Call Pete @ 701-261-4141, We have 70 ton of 2020 2 tie 2nd cutting alfalfa hay for sale. Small squares baled with John Deere twine tie baler. Alfalfa Orchard Mix Mexico, Texas, 265.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Olathe, Colorado, 200.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Paris, Idaho, 150.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Park city, Montana, 1000.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Pierre, South Dakota, 175.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Randolph, Nebraska, 200.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Rifle, Colorado, 160.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Salina, Kansas, 60.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Scranton, North Dakota, 50.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Scranton, North Dakota, 150.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Sentinel, Oklahoma, 150.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Smith Center, Kansas, 80.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Stanford, Montana, 120.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Strasburg, North Dakota, 1.25 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Syracuse, Kansas, 14.00 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Talala, Oklahoma, 170.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Ten Sleep, Wyoming, 135.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Terry, Montana, 220.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Torrington, Wyoming, 115.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Toston, Montana, 110.00 / Ton • Fertilized • TOWNSEND, Montana, 120.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Trail city, South Dakota, 140.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Vale, South Dakota, 70.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Vale, South Dakota, 160.00 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Valley Center, Kansas, 150.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Valley Center, Kansas, 6.00 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Vida, Montana, 200.00 / Pound • Fertilized • WaKeeney, Kansas, 140.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Wellington, Kansas, 108.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Wellington, Kansas, 9.00 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Wellington, Colorado, 8.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Wheatland, Indiana, 125.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Yates Center, Kansas, 13.00 / Bale • Fertilized • YATESVILLE, Georgia, 30.00 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Brunswick, Maryland, 7.75 / Bale • Fertilized • Butte, Montana, 8.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Campbellsburg, Kentucky, 7.50 / Bale • Not Fertilized • COLUMBIA, Missouri, 280.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Doyle, California, 6.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Ewing, Kentucky, 170.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Fort Morgan, Colorado, -155180.00 / Ton • Not Fertilized • Fort Morgan, Colorado, 100.00 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Lakeville, Indiana, 5.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Marthasville, Missouri, 8.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Nucla, Colorado, 7.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Portsmouth, Ohio, 140.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Secor, Illinois, 40.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Shelbyville, Kentucky, 8.00 / Bale • Fertilized • Washington, Indiana, 220.00 / Ton • Fertilized • Whitney, Nebraska, 350 Bales of Alfalfa Orchard Grass & Kora Fescue, 500 Metric Tons of 3 String Square Alfalfa, 6000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard, 350 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard, 1800 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard, 1000 Tons of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard, 600 Bales of 3 String Square Alfalfa Orchard, 4000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard, 400 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa Orchard, 1000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard, 1500 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard. Alfalfa and Orchard grass. Premium Quality, no rain, stored in a hay shed, bailed on average 15% moisture with granular hay preservative applied. 130-150 rfv. Discount for volume buying. Orchard alfalfa mix hay. This cutting has light foxtail - cow/goat quality. Alfalfa/Orchard grass mix square bales. Large bales at cash no checks please. Had been rained on in the stack. Approximately 50 - 60 lbs. We are located in Cleveland Utah. I do have 100 ton of oat and alfalfa in 3x4 bales. Around 45 lbs. Tests have been 161 to 179 so far. 2nd and 3rd cut available now Yes i have a life to .... thanks Frank ( 719-980-1090 ), Western alfalfa 3x4x8 large square bales. 3x4 bales averaging 1300lbs call 1307-431-5317 if interested, 3x4x8 3rd cut alfalfa please contact 330 231 3347 calebup2020@outlook.com, 3x3 and 3x4 first cutting alfalfa hay. Hay for Sale, hay bales for sale, alfalfa hay for sale, hay for sale near me, timothy hay for sale, hay bales for sale near me from the most reliable suppliers online. Weed, mold and beetle free. Here at Flat Rock Ranch Supply we have multiple styles and varieties of hay available. I WILL DELIVER BY THE SEMI LOAD... we sell 1000's of tons of hay a month, Avg 750# 150+ 4x4x4 Wheat/Rye mix - $70/bale, 150 bales of alfalfa 4x4x8 (stored in barn some for one season, some for 2 seasons) Beautiful horse-quality alfalfa square bales - tight, excellent green color, not stemmy. LONNIE WALKER A BALE. Have not got it tested yet. $9 a bale or $300 a ton. Was put in the stack yard with No Rain. 4th and 5th will be available soon. Blister beetle free. Large round alfalfa bales for sale. RFV ranges from 150-180. Call for questions. Premium hay, very green, leafy, fine stemmed, no weeds, irrigated Waiting on test for Fourth cutting. We have approx 4000 large 4x4 squares for sale. Wrapped in plastic over top of net wrap, stored outside, and 25% moisture. Blister beetle free. Bundled for easy movement. 1–3 cutting unrolling quality, Good alfalfa large rounds. Bales 150 left will deliver for 10 if you take the whole 150,