You should keep the front of the mics on axis with the kit as you move them forward or backward. I've been trying some drum recording lately and my set up … This will give you a solid vintage drum sound with minimal phase issues. Depends a lot on the genre of music; you can also pull it farther out in front to get more of the overall kit sound, too. 1 is panned center, and its placement (and eq) is optimized to favor the kick drum. As others have said, you'll probably want to use your Rode as the OH, and the EV on kick. Bass drum mic, 2. mic positioning 13 correct ways to mic up a drum kit. This is known as the “3:1 Rule of Microphone Placement.” An example: If the first mic is 1 foot from a source, the second mic should be placed no closer than 3 feet from the source. 3 mic drum setup Sign in to disable this ad Hi everyone. Overhead mic. Measure the distance you want both mics to be from the same starting point. Overhead Mic Placement: The Mic Angle and Your On-Axis Focal Point. Show Printable Version; Email this Page… 01-14-2008 #1. While many engineers believe that adhering to the 3:1 Rule will minimize phase cancellation, technically this is not true. my outboard preamp is an art tube channel. 135). KyleAtGalaxy. 3 mic drum recording I'm using an mbox 2 pro, but only have one outboard preamp, which is what limits me to only 3 mics. Placement options for a kick drum mic include: 1–2″ outside the hole in the resonant head, or from the head itself if there is no hole. Adjusting the overhead mic angle is another tool to get your balance right. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Dedicated newb Join Date Apr 2006 Location Sedalia MO Age 37 Posts 74 Thanks 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Rep Power 1616. Inside the drum at a distance of 2–3″, pointed at the spot where the beater makes contact with the batter head (see Fig. Below the drum throne, pointed at the spot where the beater makes contact with the batter head. Thread Tools . Thread: 3 mic drum setup. What you want to be "on-axis" is dependent on what you choose as the focal point for the overhead mics. I've seen the position of it also used to capture some of the low toms, or even put on the rear side, to pick up more of the beater. The choice of mics and their placement around the drum kit can have a massive impact upon the recorded sound and, while there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mic placement and choices, here we'll look at some of the most popular options for getting quick and easy results. Snare mic, 3. Personally, I do a two mic set up- one dynamic about 3 feet above the batter side of the kick pointing down, and one dynamic about 3 feet in front of the kick.